About Worldwide Somali Students & Professionals

Aims And Objectives

  • To unite the hearts and minds of Somali Students and professionals around the world, get them working together and have them a common agenda.
  • To prepare Somali students for their future roles within their community so they can lead their society in the near future in each chosen fields.
  • To promote Somali Nationalism and fight against Tribalism and Regionalism.
  • To ease one way or another burdens that our international friends have been encountering due to difficulties that our country has been facing.
  • To establish in our country concrete development programmes, starting with Agriculture, Education and Health care sectors.
  • To strive to find a solution for recurring droughts and famine and improve capacity of food production from crops and livestock.
  • To get Somali students and professionals involved in the current and future Somali affairs in all levels in order to improve the lives of our people.
  • To promote education among Somali students and youth in general.
  • To do yearly fundraising activities around the world with the purpose of sponsoring other Somali students with little or no access for education funds and financial support for development programmes in back home.
  • To hold a yearly worldwide Somali Students & Professionals general meeting in our country Somalia.
  • To create a detailed database for all Worldwide Somali Students & Professional members.

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Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global movement that exists to mobilize young Somalis to use their talents, work together and address the unmet needs of a proud nation. The future of Somalia belongs to the Somali people and more specifically...