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What does WSSP stand for and what are the guiding values behind the organisation?

WSSP is an acronym for ‘Worldwide Somali Students & Professionals’. WSSP is not just an organisation that espouses to be the meeting place for Somali students & professionals everywhere; it is a movement that is uniting the hearts and minds of Somalis every day. How are we doing this? By elevating our discourse as a community, by reminding ourselves that we may sound different or come from different parts of Somalia, but the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us. These are the values of WSSP.

This movement fills me with hope and pride but don’t you think the aspirations and aims of WSSP are too idealistic? How are young people going to do all of this on their own?

Idealism in and of itself is not a problem. Idealism coupled with no strategy, vision or effort to reach the goals set out is a problem. WSSP has a clear vision, it has a clear strategy and it is working tirelessly around the clock to reach its goals. We want all hands on deck. There are many people who like what we stand for, but feel that they cannot participate because they can’t take part in our flagship program Operation Restore Home, because they don’t know the founders/leaders personally or because there are no visible ambassadors or representatives of WSSP in their area. We would like to say that there are many ways to support our movement. Just by donating a one-off gift of $10 to Operation Restore Home, you are taking part. If you can’t do this, support us by attending one of our local events and fundraisers around the world. Finally, please register yourself to become a member of the organisation so that we can keep you informed of all our activities. It is easy to sit back and say that are efforts will not work. It is hard to put in a small effort to support an idea. But what if that idea could transform the image of Somalis, what they perceive they can do for their people and the circumstance of our country? We are not naïve in thinking that Operation Restore Home will solve all of the problems that plague our country. We realise however that sitting back and expecting someone else to solve our problems is a non-starter. We have enough critics and commentators within the global Somali community. Let’s not add to the hyperbole. Let’s plant the seeds that will bear tomorrow’s fruits.

Despite the stated non-political nature of the organisation, I feel as though WSSP is covertly political in its rhetoric or outlook. Is there any truth to this view?

WSSP is not a political organisation and does not espouse to be one. It is a youth-led movement to celebrate the very best that is Somali: our shared heritage, history, language, culture and religion. Moreover, it is our vehicle for working together to help with some of the unmet needs of our nation. 

What is Operation Restore Home and when will it take place?

Operation Restore Home is an ambitious long-term effort to deliver on the unmet needs of Somalis in three priority areas: Agriculture, Healthcare & Education. We refer our readers to other parts of our website to find out detailed information on the operation. The key thing is that it is long-term. Somalia did not decline overnight and despite our collective ambition and efforts to restore our country to its rightful place, we must recognise that our work will be long, arduous and long-term. That start of Operation Restore Home will be the summer of 2012. However, because the global Somali Diaspora is scattered across many different time zones, not everyone will be able to participate in this program during the summer season. As a consequence, there will be successive waves of initiatives from our members and supporters depending on their priorities and personal commitments. We want everyone to not only donate towards the cause, but where possible to take part. The focus for 2012 will be Agriculture. This means that most of our efforts and resources will go towards sustainable Agriculture projects that help restore self-sufficiency in food production and help Somalia avoid another great famine. Water scarcity is a big issue in our country. Where possible, we will work to put in the foundations to help alleviate the scarcity of water and food in our country. The Agriculture project, as with other projects, will not constrained to one part or region of Somalia. We want to spread good practices, knowledge and resources to where it is needed. Our approach is therefore holistic.

How can I take part in Operation Restore Home and who can I contact about the three priority areas: Agriculture, Medicine/Healthcare and Education?

The first and most important thing you can do is to go to our registration page and register yourself for the program. By registering and donating a one-off payment of $10, you are helping us deliver the much needed resources (tractors, vehicles, equipments, human capital) that will make all the difference to the success of Operation Restore Home. Once you have registered, we encourage to send an e-mail to info@wssp.org.so stating your name, location, what you wish to contribute (advice, time on the ground to take part in projects, other) and your availability for taking part on the projects. We will then have our project leaders or someone from the senior management reply back to your request to take part in the program. The deadline for all expressions of interest to be made via e-mail is May 15th 2012. During the period between February 2012 and May 15th 2012, our project leaders and WSSP management will be reviewing all expressions of interest to participate in the program. We will then be holding interviews (throughout the period May 15th-July 15th 2012) with candidates who we think (based on their experience and merit) are best suited to take part in the program. Since all we have to judge is the information people provide, we ask that individuals provide their CV and a letter of intent of no more than two pages explaining why they wish to take part in the operation and why they are best suited to take part. The interviews are intended to filter out those are genuine from those who are merely interested in the idea of taking part. 

What will WSSP do with my personal contact details?

We ask our followers and supporters to register so that we can keep track of the total registered individuals. We also need these details so that we can keep you all informed. Our disclaimer to you all is that WSSP will not under any circumstance pass these details to a third party.

What is the quickest way to reach you?

Please send an e-mail to info@wssp.org.so and we will respond as soon as possible. We get hundreds of messages on our Facebook, twitter and YouTube pages and we would prefer formal communications, requests for information or expressions of interest to take part in our programs, to be sent to the above e-mail.

There are specific project leaders and management personnel who are responsible for different aspects of WSSP operations. By sending an e-mail to the above address, we will either have that relevant individual reply back to you or forward your e-mail to them for a reply.

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Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global movement that exists to mobilize young Somalis to use their talents, work together and address the unmet needs of a proud nation. The future of Somalia belongs to the Somali people and more specifically...