About Worldwide Somali Students & Professionals

Mission Statement

Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals is an organisation founded by University College London Somali Society (UCL Som-Soc). Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global movement that exists to mobilise young Somalis to use their talents, work together and address the unmet needs of a proud nation. The future of our country belongs to the Somali people and more specifically; it belongs to the Somali youth. WSSP is a non-for-profit, apolitical movement. We are young, modern and believe in doing well for the sake of our country rather than out of regional, clan or familial affiliations. Our members are the Agronomist, Architects Civil engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Earth Scientists, Teachers, many more and future leaders of Somalia. They are from all corners of Somalia and are scattered across all the major continents of the world.

The constitution of WSSP recognises the entirety of Somalia as belonging to the Somali people. If we are serious about resolving the deep-rooted problems of our country, we need to start listening to each other more and talking at each other less. That is why WSSP works with all individuals and organisations that have the good of the Somali people and Somali country at heart. Unfortunately, there are nowadays many “organisations”, “charities” and “groups” who claim to work for the good of the Somali people or the country. However, not all of these groups are genuine and we understand the level of pessimism that exists within the Somali Diaspora towards supporting new initiatives. WSSP has a simple solution to this: Look at our record and judge from there.

In August 2011, WSSP mobilised its global network of members and supporters to feed Somalis affected by the worst drought seen in East Africa for over half a century. We provided food for up to 1,000 individuals a day for the month of August. We did this as Somalis and for Somalis, without waiting for NGOs or government bodies. The people donating were Somali Students and Professionals across the world and the people on the ground were young WSSP members in Somalia.