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Despite the importance of this effort, we recognise that at this modern time no nation would be 100% self-reliant without economical, political and social relations with other international nations, let alone our country with well-documented difficulties.

However, no matter how many short-term challenges facing our country, but the potentials of reinstating our country and future growth and the self-sufficient beacon of hope rest on the young students and professionals, and how they promote education empowerment of our people and the transfer of knowledge from the Diaspora to the local community back in Somalia. With its database of thousands of Somali Students and Professionals across the world, WSSP is well placed to make this happen.

That is why WSSP plans to mobilise up to 1,000 Somali Professionals and Students to go back to Somalia in June 2012 for setting up our bases. The purpose of this programme is to pass on knowledge in three core areas and to make the local people more self-sufficient. The three areas that will be the focus of the programme are: Agriculture, Education and Medicine/Health Care.

This is the first global effort by an organised Somali youth movement that aims to meet some of the challenges facing Somalia. We cannot address all the problems facing our country right now with a single undertaking. The road ahead will be tough and there will be many setbacks. However, if we have faith in Allah and each other, there is nothing we cannot do. We already have hundreds of professionals from around the globe who have expressed interest in this programme and these include agronomist, medical professionals, engineers and teachers and many more.

We want to invite all Somali Students and Professionals to pitch in, network and strive with fellow Somalis to make this historic undertaking a success. The future of our country is in our hands. Now is the time to write the history that will be taught to our children in years to come - when they will look back and say, June 2012 was when Somalia started to heal itself. It’s time to present an alternative narrative to the dependent, lawless and hopeless country we have been told to accept as fact. It’s time to write the next chapter of this great country.

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Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global movement that exists to mobilize young Somalis to use their talents, work together and address the unmet needs of a proud nation. The future of Somalia belongs to the Somali people and more specifically...