Recruiting for Education Officers/Healthcare Officers – Operation Restore Home

Recruiting for Education Officers/Healthcare Officers – Operation Restore Home

Asalamu calaikum to you all. Over the past year and half, WSSP has been engaged in an unprecedented experiment to mobilise the Somali people and get them to answer a simple question: will you assist in the post-conflict reconstruction of your country or sit on the sidelines and wait for others to do your work?

Our support base, members and board of directors hail from all corners of our country. The Agriculture project will start in Hiiraan, Education project will be based in Hargeisa and the healthcare project has already started in Bosaso. To that end, Operation Restore Home is not confined to one particular corner or region.

Since starting the campaign in 2011, we have had a great outpouring of support and sentiment. We are now heading into the recruitment phase for Operation Restore Home. Due to the technical nature of the program, the Agriculture stream (our priority for this year) will be advertised at a later date but we are accepting expressions of interest at the e-mail given at the end.

For now, I am pleased to share below details of open positions for Education Officers and Healthcare Officers.

For those of you who have registered for Operation Restore Home, the next step is to let us know whether you are available this summer, and whether you’re interested in being involved in one of our suggested projects or if you have ideas of your own. If you’re available we will begin assigning you a personal programme coordinator who will help you:

1. Outline the details about specific project you’re interested in
2. Assist you with preparation, provide advice and connect you to other volunteers
3. Assist you with orientation and provide necessary information packs
4. Assign you a point of contact on the ground

Each participant will carry out a project in their chosen field with a host institution, gather data and needs requirements using surveys and questionnaires to help us understand what the situation is on the ground.

Throughout your project, your programme coordinator will be in contact to assist you with anything that you might need. In terms of location, we do recommend you undertake a project near your home town or place where relatives reside. This way accommodation and security do not become an issue. In some situations we might be able to provide accommodation.

WSSP is working with a number of organisations/think-tanks within the country to facilitate the placement of our Officers. The length of undertaking each project can range from as little as 1.5 weeks to 4 weeks or beyond.

All officers will get certified from WSSP for having undertaken the project and is therefore good work experience for anything you may go on to do later. We also want to invite participants to a special conference in their country of residence (US, UK etc…) later in the year or early in 2013 so that they can share their experiences with the Somali community.

For expressions of interest please send an e-mail to:
1) For Education Stream: and
2) For Healthcare Stream:
For expressions of interest in Agriculture Stream:

For Education and Healthcare Streams you will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire, specific instructions provided and next steps in recruitment outlined.

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