There is so much knowledge within the Somali Diaspora and back home in each of the priority areas of Operation Restore Home. This initiative aims to mobilize up to a 1000 talented and committed Somali youth to go back to Somalia for a few weeks in the summer of 2012. The intention is to bring about tangible changes on the ground in each of the above priority areas by pooling the resources of all those involved in the project on the ground and around the world.

We would like to register 100,000 Somalis around the world each contributing $10. This is one of payment. You can donate whatever you can through PayPal or via our UK HSBC account.

WSSP is not naive so as to think that this initiative will solve all the problems that exist on the ground in Somalia. Instead, what it will do is to create the conditions for more incremental changes in the future. Conducting Operation Restore Home: 2012 will be a logistical challenge, the likes of which has never been conducted by an organized Somali youth movement before.